Bøgelund-Jensen masters the sculptural qualities of fashion, expressing everything from soft sweetness to controlled elegance by working directly on the dummy in the atelier. Details and techniques are applied with same rigour as Dior and Balanciaga during the 50s, yet the collection demonstrates a quiet, contemporary rebellion.

Signe Bøgelund-Jensen was born by Danish parents in Kenya in 1969. Her curiosity for expression led her into the world of fashion, bringing her to Paris and the John Galliano studio where she developed ideas for Dior Haute Couture. In 2006 Signe founded Atelier Bøgelund-Jensen based in Copenhagen.


We make it fit

Nothing beats a dress that fits just perfect. We love making custom-made pieces, but we can also help you modify our standard sizes to suit your measures. This is how it works:

Choose your size

For a good start, follow our size chart advisory, but preferably send us your measures. We can then help you find the right size or even change the size so it fits your measures.

Ask for fitting

To get the most out of your Bøgelund-Jensen piece, let us do the final fitting. If possible stop by the Atelier in Copenhagen and we will shape the piece to suit you perfectly. It’s included in the price and it makes the whole difference.

We also do long distance fitting. Just snap a couple of pictures of yourself wearing the piece. Send the pictures and the piece in the mail and we will modify and return the fitted piece. It’s as easy as that.


We’d love to hear from you

We know what suits women of all shapes and sizes. So don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll talk about what is right for you.

E-mail: signe@bogelund-jensen.com - telephone +45 21 70 88 00



Fabrics, Fabrics, Fabrics


Picking the right fabric for your Bogelund-Jensen piece is as essential as the style itself. A fabric can carry an outfit. Over the years we have tried and tested so many different garment fabrics. So we have strong opinions on what works. For a party dress that you use once in a blue moon, a delicate and light weight silk may work wonderfully. For an everyday work dress that you wear all the time, a high quality polyester will both be beautiful and robust. 


Form meets function

It’s all about how form meets function. We prefer fabrics that can be gently washed over fragile materials that take dry cleaning. That’s why you’ll find many mixed high quality fabrics, hand picked by Signe, worn and loved by everyone at Bogelund-Jensen - ready to work wonders for you in your everyday life. 


Still thinking about polyester?

Some of our clients used to be hesitant when it comes to our love of polyester. Isn’t that a cheap and second class material? The truth is that many of our polyester qualities are more expensive than silk. We use very high end mixed materials, that fall amazingly well, and stay in shape year after year. They are easy to wash, comfortable to wear and last a very long time. We think that’s quality clothing.


Making sustainable choices

Another reason for choosing washable materials is that we want to minimize dry cleaning. Many don’t think about how much we impact the environment from the chemical processes of dry cleaning. And how we impact our bodies from wearing clothes that have been dry cleaned. Choosing a fabric that can be washed gently - and on top of that last a long time, is a sustainable choice that makes us happy.


Your way, always

We are not denying that silk, wool, cashmere and other natural materials are amazing. For styles you don’t use every day these are wonderful. Soft, lively and tactile. All our styles can be made in the fabric of your choice. We will advise you on what suits what. The price of a given style will of course vary depending on the fabric. That’s the charm of a Bogelund-Jensen piece. You get it your way, always. 



Return policy

You are always welcome to return or exchange unused standard pieces. And we trust that you understand, that once a piece has been fitted to your personal measures it cannot be returned or exchanged. 


Flat rate 100 KR (14 €) worldwide. Delivery 3-5 days for items in stock (Denmark). If an item is not in stock please contact us for information on delivery (6-8 weeks if the fabric is in stock).


Stemningbillede Bogelund-Jensen
Signe Bogelund-Jensen
Stemningbillede Bogelund-Jensen
Stemningbillede Bogelund-Jensen